Our business fax database is maintained by an annual survey of each establishment to provide the most current and accurate fax information. Fax marketing could be an effective, efficient, and a profitable method of reaching potential business prospects. Today accuracy and availability of fax numbers is an integral part of any fax marketing campaign. Infyzoom fax append services will add business fax numbers to your business records.


  • Clean out the fax numbers that are invalid.
  • Provide an opt out opportunity.
  • Accuracy and deliverability of emails.
  • Add the missing or correct email address to your database.
  • Database is managed and matched inhouse with a large B2B database.

Consolidate and expand your marketing capacities by adding fax numbers to your existing customer and prospect lists. Our business fax database is updated on an annual basis following a survey of every establishment in our database. This gives you the freshest and most accurate information, appended straight to your B2B delivery addresses.